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September 2002

The road to the creation of 2 Walls Webzine has been a twisting, turning, musically-fueled, coffee binge-drinking, creative-writing trek, that started off as a few simple emails between various friends and associates.

Common interests and a passion for expressive writing sparked the launch of Armchair Reviews, a music review website for amateur music critics. Two years and 400 reviews later – Armchair Reviews becomes a hostile takeover victim of the newly formed 2 Walls Webzine. Jobs were lost, salaries were cut, 401k programs were restructured. We even got rid of the Foosball table and espresso machine.

Nevertheless, 2 Walls Webzine has taken the original goals and emotion of Armchairs and applied them towards a broader venue for social commentary.

Within this community webzine, resides monthly staff written material on such topics as music, film, art, business, politics, sports, literature and current events; in such forms as reviews, articles, fiction, rants, and general commentary.

Some of our staff writers know each other personally; others only know some by association and through mutual website writing. And although possessing varying tastes and interests, the common tread amongst these writers is the mutual respect for each other's opinions, expressed in individual writing styles and topics.

The goal of 2 Walls Webzine is to provide informative, entertaining and/or enlightening commentary for the socially misguided. Using creative and journalistic professionalism, we strive to delve into topics that may not be mainstream or even relevant, but enlightening just the same.

Commentary on obscure topics, rantings on irrelevant issues, or music reviews of commercially unknown artists, are just the beginning of what we are determined to publish.

Our staff writers, unsupervised and unmedicated, are free to express their inner demons, in any form they deem necessary.

We hope you find a nugget or two of enlightenment from this site. At the very least, we guarantee you won't be bored. Should you have any suggestions, or would like to write a letter-to-the-editor to express yourself in a more public manner, please do so from our contact us page.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Michael Walls
Editor, 2 Walls Webzine

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