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anti-pop culture

Some More Annoying Ad Campaigns
April 1, 2005
Compiled by Mike Spinney

Blame it on sensory overload, but while scantily clad females remain a staple on Madison Avenue, commercials today don’t evoke the same positive and lasting reactions they used to. That doesn’t mean we don’t still have strong feelings about broadcast marketing; it’s just that today’s ads tend to annoy – even provoke our ire.

anti-pop culture

Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?
February 12, 2005
by Brendon McCullin

February is the month of l’amour as that esteemed purveyor of romance Pepe LePew might say. Sweethearts hurry about making romantic plans and buying thoughtful gifts in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. The air is practically thick with the pheromones. read>>>

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