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socially inept

The List
November 9, 2005

by Gregory Joseph

If the web has taught us anything, it's that from its far reaches a story of grave injustice will emerge, a story so moving, so universal, that it will unite people around the globe in a solidarity seldom seen by human eyes. This story is not it. But its damn close. read>>>

socially inept

A Look Back at 2004: The Year of Britney, Dick and Martha and a Return to Traditional Moral Values
January 1, 2005

by Bob Holt

The year 2004 marked the return of our country to good, old fashioned traditional moral values. Despite the attempts by the latest axis of evil, Janet Jackson, Nicolette Sheridan, and Howard Stern to influence our airwaves, America stood tall for our unalienable right to watch Trading Spouses and the World Series of Poker. read>>>

socially inept

The Natives Are Getting Restless
February 15, 2005

by Mike Spinney

People are quick to laugh when I call myself a Native American. It’s a nervous laugh; that “I’m not sure if you’re serious, so I’ll hedge my bets” kind of laugh...
Clearly, I’m not the Iron Eyes Cody stereotype most people conjure when they consider the term Native American. read>>>

socially inept

The 2004 Christmas Gift Guide
December 3, 2004

by Bob Holt

Our team has scoured every corner of the country from coast to coast and overseas in search of good, practical, heartfelt gifts which are actually available for purchase. All of these items are subject to some stringent quality control tests including: 1. Do they fit in the boxes we have left over from last year's returns? And 2. Can we look at them without projectile vomiting? read>>>

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