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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hoops World
March 15, 2005
by Brendon McCullin

March Madness. Two words that can stir the spirit of sports fans just as fully as its professional peers the Super Bowl and World Series. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the official name, is the one college event that can not only measure up to the spectacle of the big leagues but often times surpass it. read>>>

sports dish

Spring Fever
March 1, 2005
by Brendon McCullin

Is there a more glorious calendar entry in the entire world than “Pitchers and Catchers Report”? With the opening of Major League Baseball’s training camps in Florida and Arizona the world takes yet another step towards the eventual thaw of spring. read>>>

sports dish

Spring Training Preview 2005: New York Mets
March 15, 2005
by Gregory Joseph

All what I told you about the Mets last year still remains. I still believe in the ability of Jose Reyes and I still believe in the ability of Kaz Matsui. I still believe the right tools are in place and that better days for the Mets are not far off. read>>>

sports dish

2005 Superbowl Wrap-up
February 7, 2005
by Michael Walls

Okay, since I mouthed off last week about the NFL and Fox catering to the non-football fans by simplifying the game with over-the-top graphics, outrageous advertisements and poorly produced halftime shows – I guess I need to comment on the overall packaging of this year’s Super Bowl extravaganza. read>>>

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