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2 Walls Webzine staff writers

Michael Walls, Connecticut
"The things I enjoy most in life is good music and good sporting events. Few things are as beautiful as a Yankees-Red Sox matchup on a Saturday afternoon..." Michael's page >>>

Stephan Finch, Los Angeles, CA
"Stephan Finch is a magazine writer in LA. When he was very young, he spoke French with a nifty Quebecois accent. When he arrived for his first day of school in Maine, his schoolmates called him a frog. "
Stephan's page >>>

Brandon Copple, Chicago, IL
"I had an American youth: Baseball cards and soda pop, playgrounds and dreams. At 18 I left my hometown, and I can't ever go back (for reasons I won't go into)." Brandon's page >>>

Mike Webb, New York, NY
"On a cold and stormy winter night, Webb was thrust into the world. Born of African royalty, he was raised to be an exiled prince in America."
Webb's page >>>

Chris Orcutt, New York, NY
"I live in Manhattan. I just came back here after four years in Washington, DC and I couldn't be happier. I made tons of really great friends in DC but it is missing the vitality of NYC. And if you live in DC you have to be somewhat interested in politics, and I definitely am not." Chris' page >>>

Alexander Washburn, Florida
"It was a cold, snowy night in New York City when Alexander Washburn was brought into this world. From the outset, it was clear from those closest to him that someday he would have a holiday or some type of infectious disease named after him." Alexander's page>>>

Matthew Scrivner, Tucson, AZ
"I am the Elvis of the Sonoran desert, the misplanted Russian Juggernaut, I am the one guy on this site who actually likes Radiohead's Kid A."
Matt's page>>>

Jason Thornberry, Orange County, CA
Jason Thornberry was once written off as a vegetable. He was seriously injured, requiring several months of hospitalization, two-dozen casts, numerous medical procedures... Jason's page>>>

Glenn Pfeifer, New York
"The new millennium has brought some new family additions, and now our Saturday nights are spent negotiating whose turn it is to pick the next DVD. If anything has changed about me, I haven’t noticed..." Glenn's page>>>

Mike Spinney, Massachusetts
"Ever since I was a skinny high school kid with acne and ill-timed hormonal impulses, I wanted to be a writer. But I got duped, and instead became a shill, a flak, willing partner in innumerable snake-oil schemes." Mike's page>>>

Chelan David, Seattle, WA
"I like variety, a fact that may stem from the variety of blood flowing through my veins. I’m half Indian, a quarter Irish and a quarter German. You add it all up and somehow you get a sports-addicted, travel-loving, experience-seeking bard." Chelan's page>>>

David Brown, Washington, DC
"Dave Brown is breathing on his own and resting comfortably. What more can you ask for in life? In addition to having complete use of all his faculties and full mobility, Mr. Brown even has a job to which he shows up for from time to time." David's page>>>

Craig Curtice, Rochester, NY
"In his formative years Curtice overcame a rare learning disorder, Reverse Dyslexia, and once during recess, he fought a student that foolishly believed that DC comics were better than Marvel comics." Craig's page>>>

Dustin Pangonis, Pennsylvania
"With enormous talent matched only by an incredibly lazy attitude, you would never guess by the amount of his work on the site that Dustin has been submitting his stuff for so long. But what he lacks in quantity, Dustin also lacks in variety. Still, he must be doing something right, as he hasn't been fired. Yet." Dustin's page>>>

Brendon McCullin, Michigan
"During his many years spent living in Los Angeles, Brendon worked for Warner Bros. Studios. There he enjoyed the ability to stroll across the lot to the onsite Starbucks for a quick grande mocha latte, while stopping occasionally to ogle such hotties as Nikki Cox, Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. " Brendon's page>>>

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