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David Brown
Location: Washington, DC
DOB: 1971
Email: dbrown(at)2walls.com

Dave Brown is breathing on his own and resting comfortably. What more can you ask for in life? In addition to having complete use of all his faculties and full mobility, Mr. Brown even has a job to which he shows up for from time to time. He would prefer to stay home and listen to Tony Kornheiser on the radio, but it's only a 3 hour show and the day is so much longer.

Dave Brown considers himself to be some sort of writer and is even considering a career as a serious journalist, though he is neither serious, nor a journalist. Soon to be an actual graduate student in communications at an accredited university, Mr. Brown hopes to educate both his professors and fellow students on the importance of The Onion and The Daily Show in matters of public discourse.

Dave Brown encourages you to email him with your opinions of his writings here at 2Walls. Please write, please, for the love of god! He needs and craves your approval. And even if you think he's a complete hack and a buffoon, he can take it. It might send him on a three day bender of self-loathing, fast food, and cheap wine. But in the end, he'll be a much better person.

And finally, Dave Brown wishes to acknowledge the love and support of his wonderful wife, Victoria, as well as his loyal pup, Norman. In the words of the immortal Sister Sledge, "We are family."

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