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Mike Spinney
Location: Massachusetts
Email: spinney(at)2walls.com

"I'm the worst kind of writer – a writer with no soul."

Those are Mike Spinney's own words: the bare-bones, bare-knuckles confession of a man who gave up any hope of artistic redemption the day he signed on with a public relations agency and forfeited his talents in exchange for thirty pieces of silver.

"Ever since I was a skinny high school kid with acne and ill-timed hormonal impulses, I wanted to be a writer," Spinney continues, his breath oddly sweet with the essence of some intoxicating ethereal elixir. "But I got duped, and instead became a shill, a flak, willing partner in innumerable snake-oil schemes.

"Now, to pay for my transgressions, I must eternally walk the Earth in search of a salvation that, for me, does not exist."

But he tries hard.

Indeed, Mike is a public relations man. You'll find his name atop press releases associated with various high technology concerns. His writing has appeared in numerous respected high tech trade publications, too – with someone else's name credited.

Trying hard to give his writing life and meaning, Mike has re-launched his freelance career, focusing on creating angling features for sporting magazines. 2003 will see his byline in magazines such as TIDE, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, New England Game & Fish and others.

If you see Mike on the water, please don't ask him if he's caught anything. The answer is probably "no."

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